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Sound Alert is owned by Brigade (bbs-tek) Limited, and was originally a Leeds University start-up company.

Sound Alert has developed and patented a sequence of sounds known as The Localizer® . This Technology, established by scientific research, demonstrates the ability of the human ear to locate accurately the direction from which a sound is emanating.

The use of Localizer® sound has many applications including: evacuation systems in commercial & domestic buildings, ships, aircraft, trains and tunnels; emergency vehicle sirens; reversing alarms.

The Company has:

  • Achieved widespread publicity and awareness 

  • Signed license agreements with international companies in the transport and way-finding market segments;

  • Initiated changes to standards and codes of practice to include the technology, including UK Government support.

The Localizer® has:

  • Scientifically proven evacuation assistance benefits;

  • International applications which are totally independent of language constraints;

  • Multiple product streams across a large potential marketplace.

The Localizer® products offer significant benefits over existing audio and visual systems such as conventional  Reversing Alarms, Sirens and Low Location Lighting currently in the marketplace, an opinion which is supported by UK Government observed trials, awards.   

The Localizer® received the Prince of Wales Award for Innovation
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