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  Brigade (bbs-tek) Limited has pioneered the European reversing alarm business and has a unique position as a specialist supplier of reversing safety equipment selling direct to large vehicle manufacturers such as JCB and Volvo as well as through a network of distributors and dealers worldwide.

Brigade have developed a range of "bbs-tek" Broadband Sound technology reversing alarms for use on large earth moving and industrial vehicles, trucks and vans or fork lifts.

This revolutionary technology has been endorsed by the Noise Abatement Society as an innovative contribution to noise reduction in built up areas.

There are two problems with conventional reversing alarms: lack of directionality and intrusive noise. People are familiar with the "peep, peep, peep" sound of a vehicle reversing, but are unsure of where it is coming from.

On construction sites, goods handling depots, supermarket loading bays and other urban locations the constant noise of reversing alarms causes noise pollution nuisance to the neighbours and may result in legal action. The “Directional Sound” reversing alarm is Localized only in the danger area behind the vehicle, is perceived as quieter and less disturbing. In addition it is more effective in locating the direction of a reversing vehicle.

Reversing is a problem which accounts for one insurance claim in every six relating to commercial vehicles (Association of British Insurers).  Use of The Localizer in reversing alarms overcomes the problems with intrusive noise and whilst  reducing the risks of confusion when people don't realise the direction of approach of reversing vehicles.

With the Localiser Directional Sound reversing alarm, the sound is easy to locate whilst being localized in the area of danger behind the reversing vehicle.

Reversing Alarms using directional sound (.pdf format).

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