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The Localizer® has:

  • Achieved widespread press coverage, including articles in the British broadsheets, New Scientist, The New York Times, The Daily Mail Brisbane, Fire, Fire International, Ambulance UK, Fire Engineer's Journal and Impact (the Journal of Road Traffic Accident Investigators);
  • Received radio and TV coverage, including the BBC World Service, American and Australian radio stations, the BBC's "Tomorrow's World", "1 O'clock News" and "999 Lifesavers" and in June Channel 5's one hour documentary on Fire at Sea featured Localizer evacuation beacons;
  • Won several major awards.  Click on Awards for more details.

Please see full press coverage of The Localizer® technology in trade press & books.



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TV coverage:   
June 2002
BBC Tomorrow's World

  June 2000
UK Channel 5

Documentary on "Fire at Sea" as part of series "Into the Flames" featured Localizer evacuation beacons
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Fairplay Solutions review concludes:
Solutions believes that this system is a major aid to safety and should be adopted by all passenger carrying ships at the earliest opportunity."
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