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CCTV facial recognition, Reversing Alarms, Evacuation etc
Download Now!  "Face the Music" Directional Sound aids Facial Recognition CCTV Today Jan 2002 (.pdf format 399k download)
Download Now! "Directional Sound sets an new tone", Health & Safety at Work Sept 2001 
(.pdf format 500k download)

Emergency Vehicle Sirens     

Download Now! "Localisable Alarms," Human Factors in Auditory Warnings.  Stanton, N.A. & Edworthy, J. Eds.  Ashgate Publishing.  1999.
Download Now!
House of Lords - Police Vehicles - Summary of Proceedings
Lords Hansard  - 25 March 1999 (MS Word format 28k download)
 Download Now! "Siren Sounds - Do They Actually Contribute to Traffic Accidents?"  IMPACT, the Journal of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators.   Spring 1998.
Download Now!
"Safer Sirens." Fire Engineers Journal   January 1998. 
Download Now!
"The Quest for Better Ambulance Sirens" Ambulance UK  April 1996

Evacuation Beacons
Download Now! "Sound faster than Light", Fairplay Solutions May 2002 (860k .pdf format)
Download Now! "Product profile - Klaxon's DSE Beacon", International Fire Protection Feb 2002

Download Now! "Into the Flames" Wall to Wall TV on Channel 5, Synopsis June 2000
Download Now!
"Smoke gets in your eyes", Fairplay Solutions
May 2000 (270k .pdf format))
Download Now!
"Effective Evacuation from Ferries using Sound Beacons"  Fire Magazine  March 2000.
Download Now!
"The Sound of Safety" Fire Protection Magazine March 2000

(.pdf format 360k download)

Download Now!
"Sound & Safe."  Third Millennium Magazine.   A BNFL Publication.   1999.
"Sound and Evacuation in Public Buildings."  Fire International Magazine.   March 1999.

Download Now!
"Evacuating Public Buildings Using Sound."  Leisure UK 1999.
Download Now!
"Sound Location for Aiding Emergency Egress "  Fire Safety Engineering Oct 1998
(.pdf format 962k download)

Download Now!
"Sound Versus Sight for Emergency Egress."  Access by Design, the Journal for the Centre for Accessible Environments.   January - April 1998.  

Vehicle Reversing Alarms

Download Now!
"Alarm developed at Leeds University set to replace conventional beep" 
Construction News - June 2001 (.pdf format 254k download)

Fire Fighter Distress Signal Units
Download Now!
"White noise can help stricken fire fighters" FIRE  March 2000

















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