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Localizer® Directional Sound Technology        Behind the Technology

After many years of scientific research and development, Brigade (bbs-tek) Limited now owns the intellectual property rights to a revolutionary sound pattern, known as The Localizer®, which enables the human ear to locate accurately the direction from which the sound is emanating. This is better known as White Noise (technically speaking, it is Pink Noise), or Directional Sound.  Various technical reports and research papers are available on this website under Research.

Localisation of Sound

The use of The Localizer® has significant potential in the safety, security and communication industries, through a number of products detailed in the  Market place section.  The scope for benefits from localisation of sound is substantial in a number of areas such as evacuation in fire and smoke environments, direction of approach of vehicles through emergency vehicle sirens and vehicle reversing alarms.

Where the unique sound patterns of this technology are incorporated in evacuation systems in buildings, ships and aircraft there is significant potential for preventing loss of life and reducing injuries by assisting the location of exit routes and - vital in a situation where confusion exists or where vision may be impaired e.g. in a smoke-filled environment.  

When used with emergency vehicle sirens or reversing alarms, the technology can help prevent fatalities, reduce injuries and eliminate confusion.  Research has shown that the human brain is very poor at locating the direction of sounds when they have a narrow frequency bandwidth. A well-known example of this is the Emergency Vehicle Siren - where it is common for people to be confused as to whether an emergency vehicle is approaching from in front or behind them, or even the left or right.  The Localizer® sound patterns, with alerting tones added, are being used on emergency vehicles to alert listeners quickly to the direction of their approach. In addition, these sound patterns used in products such as bbs-tek vehicle reversing alarms can help cut intrusive sound pollution. 


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